Slimming Center in Dubai - Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

Have you been trying to lose weight for quite a time now? Do you have any difficulty while following or making a proper diet plan? Well, we at Bella Rose can solve your inconvenience with our exceptional slimming services. We have everything you might need on your weight loss journey, from proper diet plans to advanced equipment at our medical center. Bella Rose also provides free consultation that can help you determine your next step in your slimming procedure. We offer various slimming services, from nutritional plans to laser and surgical treatments, including Lipozero, Laser lipo, and coolshaping. With our professionals and experts, we are one of the best slimming services providers in Dubai.

Get Yourself Back in Shape

In this modern age, everyone is conscious about their bodies and wants to look good at all times. Even though some people like to keep their bulky figure and make it attractive, many people are still trying to lose weight and slim themselves. At Bella Rose, we make sure that we have a solution for most of your problems and help you attain that weight you have always dreamt of.

Our expert nutritionists and surgeons ensure that you are listened to carefully and treated professionally in your slimming process. Our goal is to consult with you and suggest the best possible way for slimming in your case, whether through diet, laser surgeries, or coolshaping.

The variety of effective slimming services offered by Bella Rose are listed below:


With Lipozero, we can help define your muscles by reducing fat cells to give you the six-packs that you have always desired. This technique uses a variety of advanced technologies and provides you with the perfect body shape.

Laser Lipo 1060

Bella Rose also offers laser lipo, where our physicians help you slim down without any surgery through noninvasive laser lipo treatment. We make sure that you get your slimming done with our best laser lipo services.


It is now time to say goodbye to stubborn pockets of fat with our coolshaping services. Our experts ensure that you benefit the most from this innovative slimming procedure that is not only highly effective but also painless.

At Bella Rose, our goal is to provide you with slimming services that are highly effective and right for your body type and fat. Our experts offer a free consultation to help determine how you can attain that slimmed figure you want. You can choose from various services that we offer and select what might suit you the best or ask our experts what might be the best one for you.