We offer two types of skin peels – superficial and medium depth. Both are very safe
and effective in achieving a uniform exfoliation of the surface and lower layers of your skin.
these treatments are effective treatments for the following skin conditions:
these treatments are effective treatments for the following skin conditions:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Age and sun damage spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Pigmentation

Mesotherapy involves painless micro-injections of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
placed just under the surface of your skin. We use this treatment for a wide range of
skin, body and hair conditions including:

  • Face, neck & decollete rejuvenation
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Hair loss treatment

This treatment involves the gradual administration of carbon dioxide gas via micro-injections just beneath the surface of your skin and is best for:

  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite so skin looks smooth
  • Reducing the volume of fatty tissue
  • Improving the skins laxity and texture
  • Decreasing hair fall by stimulating blood circulation of your scalp
  • Slimming by reducing the volume of fatty tissue
  • Fading out scars
  • Improving all over skin tone and texture

Acne is the most common type of chronic skin problem, which can be unsightly and uncomfortable, causing a negative effect on a person’s self-esteem. We believe acne should be treated aggressively to minimize the possibility of scarring. Bella Rose offers the application of a laser that helps destroy the acne, sloughing the oils and dead skin cells away.
As a result, your skin is healthier, clearer and cleaner. Many patients experience a radiant glow, skin tightening affects, and the reduction of pore size.
Acne Scars responds best with the Fractionated Laser, Microscopic holes are made around the scars by the laser to generate the healing process. This treatment also improves the following skin conditions:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce open pores
  • Discolorration
  • Droopy and creepy upper eyelids
  • Loose and wrinkled lower eyelids

Photo rejuvenation involves the application of an Intensive Pulse Light to the surface of your skin.
It helps to fade away aging sun spots & simulate collagen synthesis by the skin.
Fibroblast that will help to improve tone and texture of the skin.

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