Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Services

Are you not satisfied with how your face looks at the moment, or do you want to suppress the aging symptoms? In such cases, we are here to help you. We at BellaRose provide various services that might help you look and feel good in the best way possible. Our reliable team of professionals offers plastic and cosmetic surgery that can enhance your already beautiful features and help fade any aging symptoms. 

Whether you want an eyebrow lift surgery, lip or chin plastic surgery, blepharoplasty, cheek augmentation, otoplasty, facelift, or a rhinoplasty, BellaRose provides them all. We aim at providing the most reliable plastic surgery services for our customers in Dubai. 

Make Yourself Look Younger

Who doesn’t want themselves to look younger and more attractive? Well, aging is no longer a problem with efficient plastic surgery services. We can make your youthful dream come true with our experts at BellaRose.

We aim to deal with you by carefully listening to your requirements and transforming your features as you want them. Therefore, you don’t have to be embarrassed by your unfitting nose or a double chin, we care for you, and we have you covered. Also, want to get those fuller lips that will transform your whole face and make you look even more attractive? Don’t worry; we will do that for you. 

With our plastic surgery services, we provide you with the transformation that you have always desired. You don’t have to obsess over someone else’s features anymore and get the job done on yourself.

We have listed below all the plastic surgery services that we offer at BellaRose. Go through them and check what you need!


One of the most prominent signs of aging starts from the eyes when your eyelids start to become droopy. In that case, you should get BellaRose blepharoplasty services. We will remove extra fats, muscle, or skin from your eyelids to give you a more youthful appearance.

Chin plastic surgery

The shape and size of the chin vary from person to person. If you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your chin, just get in touch with us and we will remove it.

Lip plastic surgery

Lip plastic surgery has been quite a trend now as everyone appreciates and desires bigger and fuller lips. Don’t set yourself back from the trend and get your lip plastic surgery done.

Eyebrow lift surgery

Another sign of aging is droopy eyebrows that can change the whole appearance and impression of your face. To get rid of such eyebrows, you can get our eyebrow lift surgery.

Cheek augmentation

Do you think that your cheeks are not symmetrical? Or are they deflated or chubby? In such a case, you can get your cheeks in shape according to your requirements with our cheek augmentation services.


If you want to give yourself a more youthful appearance, you can get a facelift surgery that will successfully subside many of your aging symptoms.


If you think that your ears need a little pinning back, go for an otoplasty provided by BellaRose. We can get your ears fixed for you.


If you need a nose job or a reshaping of the nose, you can use a rhinoplasty offered by professionals at BellaRose that will give you the best possible nose job.

Removing swollen veins

Are you tired of spider veins on your body? These swollen veins usually appear on the face or thighs and are not visually appealing thereby; many people tend to remove them. We offer a wide range of swollen vein removal services, including a complete treatment for twisted veins and laser therapy. In both treatments, we ensure that our professionals get your problem solved in the best possible way.

Our goal is to provide the most reliable and efficient services to our worthy customers. BellaRose ensures that you get the plastic surgery treatment that you have always wanted. Not to brag, but we might be one of the best plastic surgery providers in the whole Dubai. 

Whether it is simple plastic surgery or a complex one, we have a team of professionals that have adequate experience in the field. They can listen to your requirements carefully and get you what you want to improve your aesthetics.