Get the Best Physiotherapist Services

Do you think that you might need physiotherapy? Are you having trouble with your muscles due to various reasons? Well, you might inevitably need to consult a physiotherapist. BellaRose offers different physiotherapy services with professional doctors that can guide you throughout. With effective physiotherapy services provided by our doctors, you can aid various health problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you have aged enough to need physiotherapy or met an accident, or you want neurological rehabilitation, we can offer you all. BellaRose has some of the best physiotherapists in Dubai to help you get your muscles active again and make you feel as youthful as ever.

Restore Your Strength and Treat Your Illness

Physiotherapy treats various diseases related to muscular problems, orthopedic problems, cardiovascular problems, and respiratory problems. You might need physiotherapy due to different reasons, and BellaRose has you covered in all cases. Our experts diagnose your problem efficiently and then consult you with proper treatment and adequate physiotherapy sessions to help you regain your lost health and strength. 

BellaRose medical center offers a free consultation session with some of the best and highly experienced physiotherapists that can help treat your problems efficiently. Our doctors carefully listen to your concerns to suggest proper treatments that might prove highly effective. Therefore, regain your physical strength and aid in healing your disease with efficient physiotherapy services offered by BellaRose.

BTL Shockwave therapy

The BTL Shockwave is the industry’s most powerful and compact Shockwave system. It comes with an ergonomically shaped applicator that has a very extended lifespan.

In physiotherapy, orthopaedics, and sports medicine, shockwave therapy is often practiced. The majority of applications are related to the treatment of chronic muscle and tendon problems, as well as back and cervical pain. Painful shoulder, epicondylitis, low back pain, Achilles tendon discomfort, tendonitis, and trigger points are among the most prevalent symptoms.

BellaRose offers a variety of physiotherapy services that can prove extremely helpful. Below is the list of services that our professional physiotherapists provide!

Physiotherapy to relieve problems caused by aging

Aging is a factor that can cause various troubles with your moving limbs, muscles, and bones. As people age, they get frailer and lack the strength to move their muscles and body actively. For this, physiotherapy can prove helpful, and we make sure that you get the best of the physiotherapy services that can prove remedial for the problems caused by aging.

Physiotherapy for problems after accidents

Various physical problems start after a severe accident. Whether it is any of your limbs or a fault in your muscles, it can lead to different issues that cause difficulty in moving. BellaRose has expert doctors that can help treat the problems that arise after accidents and help you regain your muscle and bone movement again.

Physiotherapy for weaknesses (especially in the elderly)

Various older adults tend to face flaws that make their movement difficult. Efficient physiotherapy provided by BellaRose can defeat this weakness. Our goal is to help regain your physical strength and make you move as if you are young.

Physiotherapy for neurological rehabilitation

Your body might give you a tough time after a stroke or a neurological disorder. In such cases, physiotherapy can help you deal with such problems. We have professional doctors that can determine your health issues and aid in neurological rehabilitation accordingly. You don't have to worry about your physical strength anymore, as our specialists can help you regain all of it with practical physiotherapy sessions.

Your body can never betray you if you have practical physiotherapy sessions to combat your problems and diseases. BellaRose makes sure that you have all you need with professionals who will hear your concerns carefully and provide a free consultation. We care for our patients like no other, and we would love to see you at your healthiest.

At BellaRose, we have a developed integrated treatment system with the latest devices and technologies, ensuring that you get the treatment that will help you heal. So, retain your physical strength and subside the aging symptoms your body has been giving you with our exceptional physiotherapy sessions.

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