Laser Hair removal in all areas, all skin types and all hair types.

Bella Rose Medical Center

The ultra selectivity of this laser used in our centers allows permanent hair removal:

• Of all skin colors.
• Painless.
• Safely.
• Summer and winter, tanned skin included.
• You can go in the sun before and after the treatment.
• 80 to 90% of the hairs in the anagen phase are destroyed during the session.•

Laser Hair Removal

Does unwanted body hair annoy you, and are you getting them removed every other day? BellaRose has an excellent solution for your unwanted body hair. We know that hair on your head has a significant role in shaping your personality and making you more confident. That is the reason all of us, either men or women, are anxious about our hair, yet unwanted body hair is something that everyone tries to get rid of permanently. So, we care for you, and we have you covered with our laser hair removal. We got you if you want to get all your unwanted body hair removed or only want to do the upper lips, arms, face, legs, front, back, neck, bikini area, or any other part. BellaRose intends to provide efficient laser hair removal services in Dubai.

Say Goodbye to Regular Waxing and Hair Removal Torture

It is always annoying to get rid of your unwanted body hair through waxing, depilation, or sugaring. Not only it gets tough to maintain a clean, smooth hairless body in a busy routine, but it also is a frustrating process. BellaRose is here with a permanent solution to your problems. So, say goodbye to unwanted body hair and frustrating waxing procedures and book your appointment now!

With our laser hair removal treatments, we ensure that you get rid of unwanted body hair permanently, saving you a lot of time and effort in the future. We have a team of experienced doctors who provide some of the best services, ensuring that you are satisfied with our services. By having a laser hair removal treatment, you will indeed feel more confident and attractive. 

Full Body Hair Removal

Full body waxing can be a very time-consuming and painful task for both men and women.
Therefore, BellaRose provides an exceptional alternative to all your waxing with laser complete body hair removal services. We offer whole body back and front hair removal for men and the entire body along with and without abdomen hair removal for both men and women.
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Face and Neck Hair Removal

Facial and neck hair removal you have to do quite frequently no matter what procedure you opt for.
We have a permanent solution for your regular salon appointments. At BellaRose, we offer facial and neck hair removal services. It is up to you whether you want to treat the face alone or the neck as well. We also offer beard hair removal that can help you keep your beard in shape.
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Arms and Legs Hair Removal

Along with the other laser hair removal services, BellaRose also offers arms and legs hair removal services.
Whether you want to get full arms and full legs laser hair removal or a half arms and half legs laser hair removal, we will do it all for you.
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FUT Hair Transplant

At Bella rose Medical Center, we offer FUT Treatment as a hair loss solution for men and women suffering from pattern baldness or alopecia.
During this procedure, the follicles are cut from your scalp and transplanted in another area to provide you with extra volume or make-up for receding or thinning hairlines.
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FUE Hair Transplant

We offer FUE Treatment that uses a combination of Follicular Units Extraction and platelet-rich plasma or PRP to stimulate new hair growth and restore the health of your existing follicles.
After the FUE Treatment procedure, we provide you with proper aftercare to enhance the outcomes of this treatment.
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Under Arms, Upper Lip, and Bikini Hair Removal

Underarms and upper lip hair removal is something that always keeps you at the edge.
Even though other unwanted body hair is somewhat bearable, these are not at all. Therefore, our experts also offer underarms, upper lips, and bikini laser hair removal services to help you maintain yourself.
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Full body laser hair removal Deals

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