Hijama Services Dubai

Hijama is an age-old healing therapy that has been practiced for centuries in the Middle East and Asia. It was originally used to treat all kinds of medical issues, but it is now mainly used for beauty treatment. We offer different Hijama treatments at BellaRose Medical center, depending on what you need from the therapy.

Hijama services have become popular as they help to improve the overall appearance. Besides that, it also revitalizes your skin after a long period of exposure to the sun and pollution.

First Class Cupping Hijama Treatment in Dubai

Hijama cupping is a type of integrative therapy that has only gained popularity recently. These supplementary therapeutic techniques have several advantages for patients even today. Despite their age, when used with contemporary medicine, these healing methods may assist the body’s recovery and healing speeds.

Wet Cupping Hijama

Wet Cupping Hijama services create a small incision on the skin and then apply suction to remove excess blood from that part of the body. It helps facilitate good health and promote the healing process for injuries. It helps to rejuvenate skin and improve blood circulation.
Our Hijama experts use a sterilized glass cup to create an area of low pressure. It removes a small quantity of blood from specific points on your body. It only uses suction and doesn't leave any marks and scars behind. This method can be used for both men and women.

Dry Cupping Hijama Treatment

Dry cupping Hijama is one of the most common types you can find around. The traditional method uses small cuts on your skin that generate large amounts of blood flow to improve circulation and promote the healing process for injuries. It helps rejuvenate skin and improves blood circulation. This treatment has no side effects, unlike drugs or other treatments.
We do dry cupping by creating small cuts on your skin. The cup is then used to create a vacuum that sucks the excess blood out of those incisions. Afterward, we use cotton or glass balls to apply pressure to specific points along your back and legs for up to 30 minutes.

Benefits of Hijama Services

  • Hijama helps to remove the toxins and impurities from your skin. Also, it eliminates acne, pimples, blackheads, or any other types of skin infections.
  • It can also help reduce stress levels as it relaxes muscles in the body, which was not possible before with modern medicine only.
  • It is great to treat chronic back pain, arthritis, and other types of joint pain.
  • Hijama can help you recover quickly from any injuries that might have occurred in the past few weeks or months.

At BellaRose, we have the most experienced and knowledgeable Hijama experts in Dubai. All our services are safe and are approved by the UAE Health Authority. Furthermore, we use clean, hygienic & licensed medical equipment used for treatments.

Our staff is always available to answer your doubts or queries related to Hijama before you take any decision about booking an appointment with us.

At BellaRose Medical Center, we offer a wide variety of Hijama treatments that are guaranteed to work for your unique needs. You can contact us through our online booking form or by calling us on +971504655697.