General Surgeries

Sclerotherapy Aethoxysklerol

At BellaRose, we offer sclerotherapy by Aethoxysklerol, an organic solution. It is a medical treatment to remove small spider veins on the legs. Also, Aethoxysklerol can be applied to remove small scars from the body and some pimples and shallow skin tags.

Infected Ingrown Nail Removal

We provide a complete solution to infected ingrown nails. Our experts remove the affected area and reconstruct it using skin grafting and tissue transfer techniques. Also, local anesthesia and sedation are done if required during surgery.

Dermoid Cyst Removal

This is a complicated procedure that involves the removal of cysts, moles, birthmarks, and similar skin growths. Our experts use local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia for this treatment.

Scar Removal

This is a process of removing unwanted and visible scars and blemishes from the skin on different body parts. This is done through surgery or laser treatment. Also, BellaRose experts use advanced techniques such as tissue tightening and fat transfers to treat cellulite and alopecia.

Wounds Suturing

At BellaRose, we understand the importance of suturing wounds and surgeries. Therefore, we offer complete wound care and suturing services with general anesthesia.

Fixation of Umbilical & Hips Nasal Ring

BellaRose performs this procedure for babies who are born with their umbilical cord outside the body. Also, our experts perform surgery on hips nasal rings that are often seen in newborns.

Incision & drainage of Skin Abscesses

This surgery is done to drain and clean an abscess. Our specialists drain the pus from the abscess using a needle cutter, forceps, scalpel, etc. Also, incision & drainage are done in cases to remove cysts, lipomas, or hematomas.

Foot Corns Excision

This is a removal of thick and hardened layers of the skin (called corns or calluses). Our experts first numb and disinfect the area before removing the corn. Also, we use laser technology to burn away the dead tissue after making an incision.