Eyebrow lift Surgery

As we age, our brows begin to droop. This can cause a variety of aesthetic problems, including a tired or sad appearance. By raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow. The procedure helps create a youthful appearance for tired or aging areas above and around the eyes. Many people choose this procedure as part of their overall anti-aging regimen because it's minimally invasive and has fewer risks than other surgical options with long term results.

How it Works?

The eyebrow lift uses surgical sutures placed in key locations where the underlying muscles and tissues meet. The naturally occurring body movements gradually draw the skin back into place as it heals, resulting in a smoother appearance and enhanced facial contour. It is possible to reduce the appearance of aging by up to 10-15 years through a facial surgery. Ageing will eventually happen again, but you will always look better than you did before.

When do I need Eyebrow lift surgery?

Patients who have repetitive wrinkle lines in the front of the face, resulting from activities like frowning, squinting or smiling can benefit from a brow lift.