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Do you feel like you are losing confidence because of your bald head or thin hair? Are you conscious about who to trust with your hair transplant or treatment? Here is what you might need to know about Bella Rose. Bella Rose is one of the most popular medical centers in Dubai that provides specialized hair transplants. We offer solutions for a variety of your hair problems and suggest appropriate treatments by listening to your concerns. Whether you are anxious about hair drying out, thinning, or experiencing premature balding, we have you all covered with our highly effective services. Being one of the best hair transplant centers in the UAE, we ensure that our customer is delighted.

Give a ReBirth to Your Hair

We all are aware of how much hair adds to a person’s personality and how much it is representative of the youth. Bella Rose makes sure that you don’t lose your confidence with dryer or lesser hair. Therefore, we provide various hair transplant services that can help you look as youthful as ever. Our expert doctors and surgeons provide a free consultation and suggest the most appropriate solution for your hair problems. They also make sure that all transplant procedures are as painless as they can make it for you as we sincerely care for our patients.
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Hair Transplant Services at Bella Rose

Hair transplant offered by Bella Rose Medical Center provides you a head full of hair like you have always dreamt of. Our goal is to provide a surgery that is not as painful as you thought it might be but is highly effective. By using anesthesia in extraction and transplantation, our specialists ensure that the surgery is an exceptional experience for you.

The charges of the hair transplant offered by Bella Rose might vary in some instances. This cost depends upon the type of transplant you require, the desired density of hair, and the area to be treated. In all the cases, our professionals deal with our patients with utter care and attention.