Removing swollen veins

Spider veins (a condition in which the capillaries dilate and appear as small clusters) are in the form of blood vessels of red, blue or crimson color, and this condition often appears on the face and thigh.

Treatments for swollen and twisted veins

The method of this treatment depends on injecting a liquid substance by a fine needle into the spider veins, which leads to their constriction and disappearance. The number of required treatment sessions depends on the depth, number and size of the veins to be treated. It may require treating the same vein more than once. Treatment is usually done at spaced intervals ranging from 4 to 6 times so that The next treatment is only done after making sure that the previous treatment requires more injections, and you may be asked to wear elastic compression stockings after the aforementioned treatment to help heal and reduce swelling

Laser therapy

The laser treatment is carried out by shining light energy through a small hand piece that ejects the laser beams into the vein to be treated in the form of a series of short pulses. The blood and the lining of the blood vessels work to reach the light energy and absorb it inside the blood vessels. The heat generated leads to coagulation (pooling) of the blood, which is absorbed by the body. After that, this type of advanced laser treatment works to accurately deliver each dose of energy to each blood vessel. The very small superficial veins are the only ones that are treated with laser beams. Equipped with a special hand piece for cooling that cools the surface of the skin. During the penetration of the laser beam into the skin, most of the veins disappear. Arachnoidosis treated during two or three treatment sessions. These treatment sessions can be conducted at spaced intervals ranging from 4 to 6 weeks. In the event that new veins appear, additional treatment sessions are required to obtain the best results.