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Fall in Love With Your Smile Again!

Hollywood Grin has emerged as the most well-liked cosmetic procedure in Dubai. Most people dream of having a gorgeous Hollywood smile, but the good news is that they are now within reach. Veneers, which are created by dentists in dental labs, can give you a star-studded smile. However, based on what our customers need, we are able to offer both types of services. The more expensive and distinctive of the two methods is a handmade makeover, although we do our best to suit our clients. We are also one of the few companies in the globe to offer this service with outstanding outcomes and style. Hollywood Smile is your best option if you want to completely transform your smile.

Hollywood Smile Treatment step by step procedure

Hollywood Smile treatment contains on 2 to 3 visits within a week before going through the Hollywood smile treatment. Following are the Step by Step information about Hollywood Smile Treatment in Dubai

Patient’s First Visit for Hollywood Smile Treatment in Dubai

Before going through the Hollywood smile treatment in Dubai patient has to visit 2 to 3 times within a week. Consultation at Kings Medical Center our Cosmetic Dentist examines patient’s teeth to get the precise information if Porcelain Veneers are the right choice for patient or not, during consultation cosmetic dentist explains the full Hollywood Smile treatment procedure to the patient. During consultation of Hollywood Smile our Dentist discusses with patient about his/her desired teeth length, shape, colour and width. Patients have choice to get their desired Hollywood Smile outcome. For getting tentative veneers and Digital Smile preview of patient’s new Hollywood Smile Dentists take pictures of patent’s teeth. Before Hollywood Smile treatment we make sure our patients are 100% satisfied with their new Hollywood Smile.

Patient’s second Visit for Hollywood Smile Treatment

Dentist uses local anesthesia before start the Hollywood smile treatment. Then he/she starts working on patient’s teeth, removes a thin layer from teeth’s enamel to create some space for the tentative veneers.

Patient’s third and final Visit for Hollywood Smile Treatment

Our Cosmetic Dentist installs porcelain veneers on the third and final visit. For evaluation Dentist places the veneers on patient’s teeth. Once Dentist fits the veneers, then he/she cleans and polishes patient’s teeth. Next dentist applies high quality dental cement on every veneer and keep placing on patient’s teeth then to harden the dental. Cosmetic dentist removes dental cement after installation of all veneers Finally patient achieves now his/her very own Hollywood Smile!



What are the types of Veneers?

There are two types of Veneer:

Composite Veneers

These are handmade veneers which are created by artistic material by our expert dentists or they shape them according to the need of the patient. They are very time saving, as they can be fixed in a single visit to the clinic. They can also be repaired easily. We encourage our patients to get composite veneers, as they provide a lot better and enduring results.

Porcelain or Ceramic Veneers

They are built in the orthodox way in dental laboratories. Their procedure takes upto 3 to 4 visits to clinic to get completed. Veneers are cemented on your teeth in this method of Hollywood Smile. They are also irreparable, they have to be removed and replaced by the new one in case of getting chipped. Now the most common question which arises among people is, which type of veneers are better and more suitable for them? The right person to answer that is a dentist

Role of Veneers, for Achieving a Beautiful Hollywood Smile

One of the most popular treatments to get a sparkling Hollywood smile is dental veneers. Veneers are custom design material that matches your neighbouring teeth, smile, face, and bite to ensure an everlasting natural appearance. Veneers are suitable for: Unsightly gaps between your teeth Bridges or crowns Misshapen teeth Stains Discoloration Restore Chipped Teeth Advantages for Veneers Stain-resistant Natural Looking Closes gap between the teeth Your teeth become properly aligned

Deciding about getting a Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a well recognised procedure around the world. Many celebrities also opt for Hollywood Smile. Although, it is a medical method. So, it is compulsory that you need to be sure before getting this treatment. We make our patients know that, they should self examine themselves before getting Hollywood Smile by the following things: 

  • What are your thoughts about getting a Hollywood Smile? 
  • What are actual issues that led you to get Hollywood Smile? 
  • Are you getting Hollywood Smile just because you want the whitening of your teeth?
  • In that case, have you tried other teeth whitening treatments? such as home teeth whitening, office teeth whitening (laser teeth whitening, which include normal scaling and polishing of teeth and still didn’t get the desired results?) 
  • Are you trying Hollywood Smile just because you want to get straight teeth?
  • In such case, have you tried consulting a orthodontist and already seen braces as a solution? 
  • Are your expectations based on reality?
  • Do you think your orthodontist will be able to bring the desired result?
  • Do you consider this a possibility? 

A Hollywood Smile makeover is suitable for anybody with:

  • Dental Fluorosis (Teeth Discolouration) 
  • Stained Teeth ( Due to Antibiotics or other medicine) 
  • Tooth Erosion 
  • Cracked Teeth 
  • Malformed Teeth 
  • Enamel Hypo Calcification ( Partially mineralised enamel) 
  • Enamel Hypoplasia (Insufficiency of enamel) 

Is Hollywood smile permanent?

Hollywood Smile can be a long-term solution indeed. Veneers can last upto 5 to 15 years or maybe a couple of decades and even for ever as well. It all depends upon how you take care of them. If you take all the post-treatment instructions of your dentist seriously, then you can definitely increase the life span of your veneers. They usually include, oral hygiene, having a proper home care regime, visiting your dentist according to a proper schedule. All of them will collectively contribute to your cause. 

How much does Hollywood smile cost?

The cost of Hollywood Smile varies according to the quality of the treatment which is being provided to you. Usually one tooth can cost almost AED 100 to AED 1500. Many inexpensive options are also available, but we prefer to use an amazing quality product for our patients which can provide effective results as well as are entirely safe for the patients. 

Hollywood smile recovery period and downtime

The recovery or downtime of Hollywood Smile varies from even day to couple of weeks. It is all about the type of Veneers you are getting. In case of Composite Veneers, only one visit is enough and you can perform your functions easily after one day. While in the case of Porcelain veneers, it can take upto 2 weeks as it is a time taking treatment. Veneers are sent to lab for its manufacturing and during that time period temporary veneers are fixed to your teeth.

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    Is Hollywood smile same as veneers?

    Yes Hollywoold Smile is the same as veneers.

    What is a Hollywood smile?

    Hollywood smile is a set of veneers that are made and designed for each tooth to have a perfect natural smile.

    How much does Hollywood smile cost in Dubai?

    Hollywood smile cost starts from AED 3000 to AED 15000 depends on the quality

    How do you fix Hollywood smile?

    Need to use special cement or resin to bond the veneer to each tooth.

    How long does the Hollywood smile last?

    Hollywood smile will last for more than 15 years as long as you are taking care of your teeth. Proper brushing and regular visit with the Dentist.

    Is Hollywood smile painful?

    No, Hollywood Smile is not painful, there will be some anesthesia injections if needed

    How do I get Hollywood white teeth?

    You can freely visit Kings Medical Center to do Hollywood smile consultation

    How is the maintenance and after care?

    There will be regular check-ups with your dentist, once in every six months. Which you should never avoid. This is something you should do, even without getting Hollywood smile treatment. Home care is also very important which includes regular teeth brushing, mouthwash and flossing. Which you should do even if you don’t have veneers.

    Does Veneers guarantee a Hollywood smile?

    The easiest way for getting a Hollywood smile is veneers. They do not require any drilling or injections. The process is completely pain-free.

    Can you eat with veneers?

    Soft diet doesn’t affect veneers, but if you’re eating hard food then we always recommend you to chew from your back teeth. It is better if you avoid excessive force and biting.

    What can I expect after Hollywood Smile?

    After veneers are fixed to your teeth, you can go back to your normal routine of eating and drinking on the very same day. The dentist will schedule a follow up appointment to ensure that everything is going well with your veneers

    It is extremely important to do dental checkups after every six months

    What can I expect after Hollywood Smile?

    After veneers are fixed to your teeth, you can go back to your normal routine of eating and drinking on the very same day. The dentist will schedule a follow up appointment to ensure that everything is going well with your veneers

    It is extremely important to do dental checkups after every six months

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