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Goodbye Baldness, Hello Thicker Hair!

It is fine to lose hair because that is how the hair growth works – old hair goes and new comes. Should you be worried if you are losing hair fast? Yes, you should be. If your scalp is losing more hair than it is growing, you should consider cosmetic procedures because your scalp may develop more bald areas over time.

If you already have scalp areas that no longer grow hair, you should consider our Hair Transplant in Dubai . We are the top-ranked hair transplant clinic in Dubai. Now, let’s discuss how our surgical hair restoration works.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical and invasive procedure in which hair follicles from a part of a person’s head are transferred to another. Mean to say, the hair follicles are collected from a donor site to a bald site of the patient.

To avoid pain and inconvenience, local anesthesia is administered before surgery. The treatment causes side effects including bleeding and pain. When performed as per the standards, the treatment has a high success rate.

Individuals that have constant hair fall or a receding hairline usually undergo this operation. We provide one of the best hair transplants. Our quality and safety standards are parallel to none. Some of the best hair transplantation surgeons work with us.

Results of Hair Transplant Dubai:

Individuals suffering from hair loss frequently question the longevity of hair transplantation. The donation of hair to a hair deficient part on the scalp ensures healthy and long-lasting growth of hair. Some patients do require more than one hair transplantation as they are often facing pattern baldness.

Patients will timely see positive results with proper care after the treatment procedure. Nevertheless, it all depends upon the clinic one chooses. We also offer hair transplant.

Good Candidates:

Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai  isn’t just about men. Anyone who is confronting baldness, alopecia, head trauma, a receding hairline can plan this surgery. But beforehand, there are important criteria to be considered in order to become an ideal candidate for Hair Transplant. 

Typically good candidates have:

  • Enough donor’s hair
  • Stable health
  • Steady hair loss 
  • Serious hair thinning problems
bella rose medical center
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