Bella Rose Hydrafacial


Treat yourself to this jands-on luxurious facial. A deep cleanse, followed by an exfoliation will leace your skin rejuvenated.
Your face will be massaged to promote circulation and leace you completely relaxed. A brightening mask mixed with fresh Vitamin C from orange juice is applied. This indulgent facial is customized to suit all skin types, intensely brigntening dull and uneven skin tones, revealing a luminous, clear and pure complexion.


With the luxury of pearl, caviar and magnolia active ingredients and the light reflectig pigments of gold and silver.
Collagen and elastin are stimulated to combine science and luxury for an exquisite impressive, radiant effect to the skin.

Designed for skin with pigmentation disturbances, age spots and a skin lightening effect. To inhibit the over production of melanin within the skin regular course of treatment is advised for desired effect.

Deep cleansing and decongesting blocked pores treatment. This also includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, gentle extraction, relaxing face, neck, scalp, decolletage massage, and a serum with the mask are applied.

Microdermabrasion Suitable for all skin types, this medical grade treatment gently exfoliates dead skin cells revealing smoother more even-toned, younger looing skin beneath and more radiant skin. All with zero discomfort. Bt helping along the rapid exfoliation of the accumulated surface skin cells and by stimulating the production of collagen, cells are renewed and appear firmer, plumped and also improves the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin and even softens acne scarring.
The procedure is followed by message with aloe vera gel then applying serum and mask.

It’s our best seller and the newest addition to the list of the facials at Bella Rose. Everyone wants to look fresh, young, glowy in a jiffy and this is what the party facial does. It’s quick, It’s efficient and it has Zero Downtime.
Our therapist will quickly examine your skin and take you through a process of cleansing, purification and repair, which will leave you looking younger, smoother, fresher and alive with a sparkle.

It’s what everyone is talking about. The Q-switched Laser’s carbon peel is a way to look get your glow back quickly. It’s simple, It’s quick and gives you a smooth glowing and younger appearance in 20 min.
In this carbon facial, carbon is applied on your face and then a special NDyag laser is used to peel off dead skin, clear out tan spots and address other superficial issues on the skin.
The results are simply awesome

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Bella Rose Hydrafacial

Bella Rose Hydrafacial

LUXURY FACIAL Treat yourself to this jands-on luxurious facial. A deep cleanse, followed by an exfoliation will leace your skin rejuvenated.Your face will be massaged

Skin Refining Solutions


SKIN REJUVENATION PEELS We offer two types of skin peels – superficial and medium depth. Both are very safeand effective in achieving a uniform exfoliation