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Dental Care

Best Dentists near you for all kinds of dental treatment – Braces. Veneers. Aligners. orthodontics. dental implant…

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most successful procedure for removing unwanted hair. It can be used almost anywhere on the face and body.


Best Dermatology Treatments and Services. scars, moles, rosacea, Excimer Laser , Vitiligo. Titan , Skin Tightening. Fractional Laser , Scars.


Hydrafacial is a multi-step treatment that improves your skin health by removing fine lines and wrinkles. Besides that…

Plastic Surgery

Are you not satisfied with how your face looks at the moment, or do you want to suppress the aging symptoms? In such cases, we are here to help you.


Have you been trying to lose weight for quite a time now? Do you have any difficulty while following or making a proper diet plan? 


Hijama is an age-old healing therapy that has been practiced for centuries in the Middle East and Asia. It was used to treat all kinds of medical…

Hair Transplant

Do you feel like you are losing confidence because of your bald head or thin hair? Are you conscious who to trust with your hair transplant


BellaRose is one of the leading obstetrics and gynecology practices in Dubai. We offer luxurious and advanced OB/GYN care services…

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Experts To Guide Elders
For Better Life

To help elders age with grace, our experts have intensive research to find the best way to deal with it. With the help of these experts, we offer a dignified lifestyle for elders to keep them motivated and energetic towards life.
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What Our Clients Say About Bella Rose medical Center?

My experience was pretty amazing with Dr. Ahmad for my tooth extraction, he made it effortlessly quick and precise. M already healing up and off with my sutures. Thanks for making it pain free. Best wishes to Doc . he is a so good

Iqra Ishaq

Really good service.. The doctor and staff were very part being no long waiting hours.. Overall a very pleasant experience. Definitely going to always be the choice for our medical needs.

Anaya ßaloch

I am having hydra facial with more than a year, and always having a great experience. They are kind and helpful. And therapists are best who taking care of skin and treatment 🤗

Malaika Sheikh

The team at Bella Rose Medical Center Dubai have been fantastic. I applaud your customer service culture and very prompt services. I got my test results so fast and got to talk to the specialists in details.

Usman raja

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