About Our Clinic

Bella Rose Medical Center

Bella Rose features the best standards of medical care with an abundance of UAE’s finest medical staff and the latest cutting-edge technologies. With all of the beauty treatments out there, it can be hard to decide which one will actually help you look and feel your best. We work closely with our clients and listen carefully to what they need to work with them to design a treatment that will restore their youth. We believe that as you grow, your beauty should grow with you.

OUR HEALTHY AND Satisfied Patients

Bella Rose is committed to helping the community achieve optimum health and enjoy the best quality of life possible. In the ever-increasing fast paced lifestyle, we believe in the initiative towards helping individuals in fulfilling their choice of staying in good health through our multi-specialty health care services.


Patient privacy is essential. With the obligation of confidentiality, we cannot disclose information about a patient's situation to anyone without permission. And we precautions to ensure only authorized access to the patient's case occurs.


We believe in technology, since it has a positive impact on patient’s safety by reducing medication errors and adverse drug reactions. It has also been proven to positively improve compliance to practice guidelines and is an important tool for improving healthcare.


Bella Rose’s top priority is to ensure the safety of patients. This includes preventing errors, learning from errors that do occur, and creating a culture of awareness about the importance of patient safety. We ensure that highest measures of quality & safety are being taken into practice.


Bella Rose is committed to providing the utmost care for all of our patients, which is why we make sure all of our physicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to care for patients with very urgent healthcare needs.


Our doctors are certified board members with years of experience in their medical practices and are highly skilled professionals who make sure the desired results are delivered in the best & safest way possible.


Bella Rose is on the cutting edge of scientific research into human biology and treatment. We know that you, as a patient, are different from everyone else. That's why we work with specialists who can predict which treatments will work for you and which won't.