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Bella Rose features the best standards of medical care with the UAE’s finest medical staff and the latest cutting-edge technologies.


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Are you not satisfied with how your face looks at the moment, or do you want to suppress the aging symptoms? In such cases, we are here to help you. 


Is your mouth giving you trouble? Are you noticing that it is difficult to chew or speak? If so, then we want to help! We specialize in providing dental …


Diseases of the skin, nails and scalp in adults and children.
Prevention and treatment of skin aging (peeling, filling, Botox)..


it allows to destroy the root of the hair thanks to a laser light ray. In several sessions it is possible to quickly destroy a large amount of hair ….


Application on the whole body of a compound of algae with green tea and red vine. Through these powerful antioxidant virtues, this treatment …


Are you unable to build a diet plan for yourself? Do you desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper and healthy nutrient intake? …


Gynecology is the specialty that deals with the health and problems of women in their reproductive years. It focuses …


Physiotherapy is a health science whose role is to allow you to regain your maximum physical abilities so that you can carry out your various …


It is well known that beautiful skin contributes to the youthfulness and beauty of the face. Hydrafacial is a deep …


At BellaRose, we offer sclerotherapy by Aethoxysklerol, an organic solution. It is a medical treatment to remove small spider veins on the legs….


Hijama is an age-old healing therapy that has been practiced for centuries in the Middle East and Asia. It was originally used to treat all …


Do you feel like you are losing confidence because of your bald head or thin hair? Are you conscious about who to trust with your hair transplant…

Bella Rose Medical Center

Bella Rose features the best standards of medical care with an abundance of UAE’s finest medical staff and the latest cutting-edge technologies. With all of the beauty treatments out there, it can be hard to decide which one will actually help you look and feel your best. We work closely with our clients and listen carefully to what they need to work with them to design a treatment that will restore their youth. We believe that as you grow, your beauty should grow with you.

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Here at Bella Rose, we offer the finest medical care in the UAE. With world-class doctors, the latest technologies, range of beauty treatments and highly sophisticated medical procedures our clients can select to ensure they are satisfied. We’ll listen carefully to what you need and work with you to design a treatment that will suit your needs and restore your youth.

We believe that as you grow, so should your beauty!

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Our team of health professionals is there to accompany you and help you choose the best treatment according to your condition and your needs.

For multidisciplinary care

We offer a multidisciplinary approach to care by working closely with physiotherapists, therapeutic trainers, dentists, dermatologists and many other healthcare professionals.

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